A Stop in Perfect

The journey began for Grandmother a little earlier than for the rest of the small crew. Mom kindly offered to transport Grandmother to Noblesville to preserve a bit of sanity and offer me more time to prepare for the long trip. I am so grateful for that!
After a drive to Huntington and a lovely farewell dinner with Aunt Beth, Mom and Grandmother headed back to Lexington for the night. Before lunch today, they were on the road to Noblesville with a plus one (Mom’s goddaughter, Bentley).
To make the second stop on Grandmother’s journey “perfect,” Tim served up his famous hamburgers fresh off the grill and then we headed to a local park for some live music. Mom, Grandmother, and I shared a snowcone (sorry there is no photographic evidence of this!) and had a great time watching Bentley play and hanging out with Allen (Jaclyn, sadly, was at work).
Packing has been the name of the game for the remainder of the night. My hope is to be leaving Noblesville behind by 5 p.m. tomorrow, but you know what they say about best laid plans!
Tomorrow is the day!

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