A Farewell to Hydra

After breakfast and check-out this morning, we decided to walk to a beach instead of taking a ferry to one of the more remote beaches. There was an “organized” beach (as they call them when there are lounges and umbrellas available for rent) just below the restaurant where we had dinner last night, so we headed over there. The beach was pretty empty when we first arrived, but was really hopping by the time we left. One nice thing about this beach is that there were waiters from the restaurant on hand to bring Tim some Greek beers and both of us a lovely steak salad for lunch. This beach had smaller pebbles that felt a little more like sand where the surf hit, but all in all, we decided we preferred the beach yesterday.

After one last stop at The Cool Mule for some ice cream, we waited for the ferry back to Athens. Half an hour after it’s scheduled arrival time, the ferry showed up and we were finally out of the heat. We saw our Scottish friends from yesterday, and she said it was “quite extraordinary” that we should see one another again.

Back in Athens an hour later than expected, we dropped our things off at the hotel and hurried back out for a VERY late bite to eat and some last minute souvenir browsing. We’ve yet to buy anything, and Tim is like a kid with money burning a hole in his pocket. 🙂 Tim found the plate he had been looking for, and he enjoyed a souvlaki that made my mouth water–this was really the first time I was tempted to go on a gluten binge in recent memory!

Now we’re back at the hotel with seven hours until our pickup tomorrow morning. We have a five-hour ferry ride to Mykonos ahead tomorrow. For whatever reason, I can’t get the iPhone to connect to the internet here, so no pictures for the blog… but you’re not missing anything… I only took 2 pictures today: one of the beach where we spent the day, and one of the view from the balcony of our hotel looking over at the Acropolis Museum.

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