A Travel-Themed Christmas

Tim got me one of my favorite Christmas gifts to date: a world map and pins to record our travels! We’ve been talking about getting one of these for years, and he finally found one he liked. I told him this may be the most expensive map he will ever buy, though: we’ve spent the entire evening combing over the map, determining where our next visits need to be. South America is definitely one place we need some pins!


White pins for all the places we’ve been together, black pins for the places Tim’s been on his own, and red for the places I’ve been on my own.


In addition to the map, we finally figured out something to do with all the leftover cash and coins we have accumulated over our travels. Tim had so many bills and coins from the Mediterranean float back in 2001–some of the currency has long been replaced by the Euro. So, we literally had bags of foreign currency collecting dust in a trunk upstairs. I searched on Pinterest, but didn’t really find anything that “spoke” to me. This display approach will do for the time being… and we still have a bag or two remaining that we could use for another project.

Have you displayed your leftover currency in some way? Share in the comment section below. I’d love some more ideas!

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