White River Greenway: Part II

After such an enjoyable day yesterday, we decided to kick up our bike-riding experience a notch. Tim knew there were other bike trails that branched off of our regular path, so we decided to try a new one.

We bypassed the turn off to Potter’s Bridge today and headed straight for the park. Instead of hanging a left by the pool, we went straight. After consulting a handy map at the fork in the path, we were off toward Morse Reservoir. The trail was well paved and easy to follow. Large signs made sure we didn’t miss our turn back in the direction of the reservoir. And once we got there, we weren’t disappointed. Tim said that the cry of gulls on our arrival made him feel like we had just pulled up to the ocean, not a man-made lake. We passed the beach where folks were sunning and enjoying a giant slide, and we looked out across the water to admire the “mansions” that had been advertised as part of the appeal of the reservoir before coming around the bend to the put-in for small boats.

We tried to kayak here several years ago, but we went to the wrong parking lot, having no idea the put-in was just around the corner. Now that we know where the launch is, we’re looking forward to bringing the boat back and exploring the area. The White River is a bit low right now because there hasn’t been much rain, so kayaking there isn’t as fun. There weren’t a lot of motorized boats out on Morse when we were there, so it looks like it would be a perfect place to go.

After a ride around the bank of the reservoir, we decided to head in the direction of Cicero, and Alexander’s other ice cream location. According to Google Maps, it would only take us twelve minutes to get there. Sadly, we were not far on the route when we discovered the trail ended, and our only option was to ride on the two-lane road. Deciding that may not be the safest route, we turned and headed back toward Noblesville. We stopped at the store and got a few things, including some ice cream to resolve the disappointment of not having more Alexander’s, before heading home.

12.5 miles clocked, and we were home again. Yet again, we arrived home only to pack up and head back to Seminary Park. Only this time, we enjoyed a swing band in the park and the company of some of our neighbors.


The White River Greenway is definitely one of the gems of a town we love. Exploring new areas of our “perfect” little town is an adventure we always enjoy.

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