A Lovely Monday for Paddling

After a late night last night seeing Ray LaMontagne rock it out (despite losing his voice) at the Lawn at White River State Park, we played hooky today and took advantage of a lovely day by spending it outside. As summer heads toward its end, we’re trying to fit in as many outdoor adventures as possible. Today’s adventure was an opportunity to take our kayak out and explore Morse Reservoir, the place we biked last week and discussed in a previous post.

The White River is a great place to kayak, and usually our go-to spot, but I fell in love with Morse almost immediately. The motion of the water reminds me of kayaking in the ocean past the breaks. The White River move so swiftly, you could sit in the boat without paddling a single time and get to a destination pretty rapidly. I like having an excuse to paddle, and Morse gave us that excuse. We wouldn’t have traveled far if we had stayed still in the boat.

Today was a perfect day: barely a cloud in the sky, and not many boats out (school’s back in session AND it’s a Monday), so we really took our time and enjoyed the scenery. While there is less nature and more houses to see around the water, it had its own beauty. Tim’s favorite part was the small island where we shored and explored for a few minutes. He said if he had lived on the reservoir when he was a kid, he and his brother and cousin would have spent entire days on this little island and hidden pirate treasure there.

After we explored the section we intended to explore, we headed to Alexander’s on the Water, the sister location to our beloved Alexander’s on the Square, and walked around downtown Cicero for a few minutes.

Alexander's on the Water

All in all, it was a perfect way to spend a “hooky” day!

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