Running Around Mykonos

The benefit to our room being bright night and day is that we were up before the alarm, and we had extra time to take a challenging jog around the hotel. Mykonos, like Hydra, is very steep, so we were jogging quite a few steps. Stair Master, eat your heart out! The lady in the breakfast room asked if we had “made exercise” this morning, and when I answered the affirmative, she said to remember I was on holiday. I told her I’ve been on holiday the last week and eating gelato every day–I have to pay for it sometime–might as well be with a view of the harbor! 🙂 If it weren’t for the gluten sensitivity, I would be in real trouble–the ice cream sundaes served on Belgian waffles, danishes, pastries, souvlaki in pita bread, and other gluten-laden delights would be my demise for sure!
After breakfast, Tim and I packed up and headed across the street to rent a car to go to the beach. Tim chose Lia Beach based on reviews he read online. When we asked for a map to get to said beach, the associate told us that there are no street names or numbers, so it would just be a lot of guessing to get where we were going. Armed with a map of yellow and orange-coded streets (though no signs on the island correspond with this color coding), we hit the road toward the beach.
After a couple wrong turns, we arrived at the beach and scored a front row seat to the view. The rest of the day was spent reading, swimming, and soaking up some sun.

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped in Ano Mera to check out a monastery the front desk attendant told us about when we checked in. It was really beautiful, but it looked like they were setting up for an event, so we did not stay long.

Now, a quick backstory before I continue with our day: To make up for the mistake with our hotel room, the tour company asked if they could book us a sunset cruise while we were in Mykonos. We accepted, and they told us we would receive the voucher for the tour upon our arrival on Mykonos. The voucher never materialized, and Tim and I decided we didn’t want to waste our time and energy trying to track it down. We didn’t care that much…
So imagine our surprise when we return to the hotel after a day at the beach to discover an unhappy driver waiting to take us for our sunset cruise. He said we were ten minutes late, and we needed to leave immediately. We still had to return our rental car, we were completely sandy and gross from the beach, and we had already made reservations at the hotel restaurant for the evening. When we told the driver all this, and asked him to just go on with out us, he got very insistent and would not leave without us. He finally allowed Tim to run the keys to the rental car across the street, while I tried to shove our wet beach towels into our backpack.
The sunset cruise was nice, though it took us both a bit of time to chill out after the rushing from one point to another!

Tomorrow is already our last day in Mykonos! We have a quick tour of Delos, the island considered the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, in the morning. We saw the island from the sunset cruise tonight, and Tim is especially looking forward to it now. It looks like there are plenty of ruins to be seen. We were warned to bring water and plenty of sunscreen, as there is just a single tree on the whole island, and no other shade to be had. It’s going to be a roaster! 😉

2 thoughts on “Running Around Mykonos

  1. Beautiful sunset and Monastery! Tim’s half moon:) throwing in a laugh to lighten the day! Ho! Hope you didn’t miss that dinner!


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