Wine and Dine Me: Nashville Beer and Wine Festival

A getaway to the South was just what the doctor ordered this weekend! We were 65 South-bound on Friday night after work headed toward Music City, Nashville. It’s been a long, long time since either of us were in Nashville, so a visit was long overdue. Add to that friends we haven’t seen in years and a beer and wine (!) festival, and nothing could stop us.

The Nashville Beer and Wine Festival was held at Two Rivers Mansion, a gorgeous home built in 1859. The location had me totally old-home geeking out. Indulge me for a few snaps:

Now for the festival: In its sixth year, the festival has continued to grow, adding the wine (now you’re talking!) component last year. Over 34 vendors served up generous samples of some of the tastiest beers, wines, and sparkling cocktails around. In addition, food trucks and other vendors had a variety of delicious accompaniments.


Tim and our friends were in heaven with a bratwurst lunch; I enjoyed spiral cut kettle chips (imagine a bloomin’ onion made of fresh kettle chips instead… YUM!).

We brought chairs and enjoyed live music between drink runs.

The drinks were unlimited, and there were far more vendors than there was time for drinks. I tried to get something different every time, but I must confess, I got one drink twice and had to force myself not to go back for more. Mighty Swell’s Sparkling Cocktails were THE BEST. The grapefruit cocktail was the perfect summer drink–I’m pretty sure I could drink about ten of them in a row sitting in the surf at the beach or pool-side anywhere. It was so refreshing! Sadly, it’s only available in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Tennessee right now, but they are looking to expand in 2017 (Indiana, please!).

Such a fun day, and an event I wouldn’t mind attending again next year!


Learn more about the festival by visiting their site. See more lovely photos of Two Rivers Mansion by visiting their site. And petition Mighty Swell to expand to the Midwest when you visit their site. 🙂

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